Why should we travel?

Why should we travel ?  

Many people think that traveling is doing nothing. It all depends on how you travel. As Florian Fluhr would say (my dearest friend with whom I collaborate to make lectures) the journey is the doctorate of life. 

The education system is still far too rigid with learning doctrines that encourage us to chew the information and retrieve it out at the right time. Unfortunately for us, robots are coming. Not only will these robots have more intellectual knowledge than we do, they will also work in the automated task sector.

Although some argue that these robots will not be able to have emotional intelligence, humans must improve their way of thinking, consuming and communicating. Backpacking will help you with that. Moreover, it’s been 300 000 years that Homo sapiens exist but only 100 years we have the fastest means of transportation of all time: the airplane. In less than a century, people from all over the world have connected to form what is now called “a global village”. The artificial intelligence, the machine learning and the biotechnologies of tomorrow will control us if we decide to let it control. Without any consideration of this danger, you will be controlled.

I asked a question in the travel group Voyage Sac-à-Dos… “Backpackers”

“What did traveling bring you professionally?”

Here are the results of this survey which had recovered 154 comments:

  1. Autonomy

  2. Critical thinking

  3. Tolerance

I repeat, the journey is the school of life and reveals novelties but also truths about ourselves and others. Travelling helps us to understand the world! For our life, our relationships, our job, and our environment it is imperative to understand “why” it is like that. By understanding why you want this or that thing, you can establish your how and thus achieve accurate results in your life.

While TRAVELLING we learn to be autonomous, entrepreneurship and how to do things with ethics and integrity. More than necessary for the professional life!