2 Reasons Why We Need To Think Bigger

2 Reasons Why We Need To Think Bigger


2 Reasons Why We Need To Think Bigger.

According to a study, made by Latham and Locke, setting big goals enhances productivity and performance from 11% to 25%… So instead of working 8h a day; you work 6h.

Don’t work hard. Work smart.

If you don’t know why you do what you do. Your time will be used by others. Select and choose wisely. Agree?

Reason n*1: setting big goals is good for yourself 

We live in a world where exponential technologies are accelerating change. Every new idea has to be an 10x improvement or will go to the trash before it makes it to the market. This is why some organizations such as GoogleX, aim for moonshots, 10x ideas, ideas with a 1000 percent increase in performance. 

“ The world’s biggest problems can’t be solved with conventional, incremental thinking. At X, we’ve learned that breakthrough innovation happens when passionate teams of people have the audacity to challenge each other’s perspectives and aim for the seemingly impossible. “ – Google X

Reason n*2: setting big goals is good for innovation.


Among the 8 innovation principles of Google, there are two I particularly like: 

“ Have a mission that matters “ 

“ Think big but start small “ 

… and I guess it is exactly where to start. Starting with the big WHY. Then starting to do it locally, with your friends, family before trying to impact the world. 

Another inspiration:

7 Lessons from Vishen Lakhiani about how to achieve goals faster

  1. when work and play become one ✅
  2. when you don’t become overwhelmed ✅
  3. when you make great relationships
  4. when you get data – and you’re directly inspired by them ✅
  5. when you feel abundant (slide missing) ✅
  6. when you’re flow state ✅
  7. when you create your own reality

Social Media post – mindvalley 


“ The science shows that the secret of high performance isn’t our biological drive (our survival needs) or our reward-and-punishment drive, but our third drive, – our deep-seated desire to direct our life, to extend and expand our abilities, and to fill our life with purpose “ – Source: Drive, Daniel Pink. 

“ Big goals work best when there’s an alignment between the individual values and the desired outcome of the goal. When everything goes up, we’re totally committed. […] Big goals only increase motivation. When the person sets those goals in their ability to achieve them. This means breaking big goals apart into achievable subgoals. “ Latham and Locke

… and again: 

Not all goals are equal, metioned Latham and Locke,

“ Big goals lead to the best outcomes “ 

because it increases focus and attention. 

To sum up: 

  1. Find your WHY, and purpose, be aligned with the values of what you do.
  2. Aim 10x.
  3. Organize and chunk it.

This is what I am doing; I want to write a book. Why? Establishing my though-leadership and officializing my expertise. Goal: Impacting 1 billion lives. How? Starting small: writing blogs, every two weeks. Publishing it in 2 years. Starting to give talks all around the world in 3-5 years.

And you; do you set bg goals? 



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Pink, D.H., 2010. The surprising truth about what really motivates us.  New York: Riverhead Books, 2010. 





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