The Power of Pressing Pause

The Power of Pressing Pause


The Power of Pressing Pause


In my life; I took several breaks

2012: 1-month in Wales and England

2014: 1-month biking 1000km+ though France

2015: Travelling 5 months through Africa / 8 countries

2016: Travelling 1-month backpacking in Indonesia and Singapore

2018: Travelling and working in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Columbia for 4 months

2019: Working in Silicon Valley; that felt like a travel experience.

2020: 2 weeks and a half biking through Switzerland and France.

In total – this is more than 12 months of travel; and 32 countries. But I still got my M.Sc of chemistry; worked 12 months in the Silicon Valley and built my personal brand on LinkedIn with almost 3000 connections. Guess what? At 26, I draw my vision board for the next 10 years, I know where I wanna go; who I wanna be and I know that most people are lost, even in their 40′. 


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I realized that taking a break is in 90% of the cases, never about money. It’s about the mindset of saying

It is about the mindset and saying: ” I press life on pause, and I will escape my routine for a bit. Where? Doesn’t really matter; as long as I learn and reset. If I don’t have money, I walk or bike; if I have more money; I’ll travel internationally”.

– Mikel Mangold

The more we advance in our career; the more it feels difficult to say to everyone: “Bye, I am gone” and saying NO to meetings and great career opportunities is difficult. We easily feel we are missing out. But there is ALWAYS a way to come back.

According to me, here are the benefits:

  • We re-evaluate what we do and why we do it – why gain clarity.
  • We reflect on the process; am I working efficiently? What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?
  • We take the time to celebrate our achievements.
  • We get inspired by the people we meet along and the way, and the cultures we experienced.
  • We come back stronger and we take new resolutions. Often; it’s a total reinvention and a completely recharged body and mind that accelerates our creativity, curiosity, and envy to take new scary projects.
  • Our career gets accelerated but the goal of the travel was about personal growth.

I am not alone who gained from it: 

  • My own mentor Dirk Shapeler also backpacked the world and then became CEO of a Silicon Valley company. Now he is the head of a global division and manages over 300 people worldwide.
  • Jay Shetty; said no to corporate jobs and became a monk for 3 years. He came back with more wisdom than anyone else in society. He is now a social media star, podcaster, and more. His impact on society is tremendous. 
  • Natalia (ThinkNatalia) took a gap year and has now her own company; consulting top clients all around the world about personal brand.

If I was digging into more examples; I would find tons of them. Taking a break and a deep breath; is absolutely essential in the overwhelming tech world we live in. I can’t tell enough about how much these experiences made who I am today.

“  For a lot of people, they think pressing pause is the end of the journey – We did it; we pressed pause – but you know what? The reason we are pressing pause is to gain clarity. […]  When you make a decision with clarity, everyone around you senses the clarity. […] Gaining clarity allows you to tap into somehting I call THE HELL YES LIFE, it’s the life you start saying NO to all the things that aren’t destinated for you and to say HELL YES to all the things that are uniquely yours   “ – Jil Johns 


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