American Road Trip 2017



Greetings from NYC!
Impressive, photogenic. A world where people consume but a unique world. However, we had a lot of fun! 
Thanks to our friend to host us. He works currently in NY after completing his engineer degree in France. This week was like every travel: unforgettable. 

 A journey with my bro which was definitely unique and maybe the last one because of the circumstances: we were both single, young etc. We have unforgettable memories, we had 2 intense weeks but awesome days! We met nice people, a lot of discoveries; Adventure!
💰Budget: 2000 euros each but we were hosted by friends 7 days of 14. We stayed for 6 days in hostels and 1 day in a hotel for our last night in NYC. 
Comparison with my travel to Indonesia 🇲🇨 I spent 2000 € for 4 weeks! Your destinations rule out your budget. Never forget!

The complete video of our trip: