Resolutions 2020: building mental fitness – how and why.

Resolutions 2020: building mental fitness – how and why.


Resolutions 2020: building mental fitness – how and why.


To make emotional health and mental fitness a priority. Write down everything you would benefit from it. From your relationships to the motivation at the gym, everything is created by the neurons in the brain. If you don’t take care of them. No resolutions can last long.

=>> Statistically it takes 21 days to have a new habit and 3 months to own it. à Be patient and focus! Know why you do what you do. 

You can create new healthy habits like this:

  • Read, listen, watch every day something about the science of emotions. E.g. How Emotions are made.
  • Use 3-5x a week the meditation app Calm®; listen to Lebron James
  • Try some self-development app such as Mindshine®
  • Talk to a therapist live – or use Talkspace® and chat online.
  • Do a Vipassana retreat or join a self-development seminar (I’ll try to go to Mindvalley® in LA)


How many how you have decided to improve their financial life and health for 2020? How many of you decided to improve their emotional control?

2020 is another year where technology is going to be a big part of our lives. If you don’t take control over it; technology is going to control you. Believe me or not, machines are already detecting our emotions, reading our minds and transferring knowledge from one mind to the others.

The only way to not be manipulated by machines is to be in emotional control of our own mind and being aware of what’s going on. This is why I made emotional strength my number one priority for 2020. If I can decide when to be focus, when to be social, when to be happy and when to detect when I am stressed; career, happiness & motivation for life will follow. Agree?

This is what my therapist told me the other day: “The true power and strength comes from welcoming, embracing, and accepting our emotions and feelings at all our Life experiences, actually!

Not from getting rid of them or going around them, under them, sweeping them under the rug, avoiding them

Our culture has taught us to do the opposite, but the only way is through it. To sit With. And to look upon our emotions, ourselves, with true compassion (the tolerance of suffering) and love. This is true strength, and power. “


Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

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