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“Inaction is a way of insulting one’s own life”

I invite you to follow my adventures and my dreams. I hope to inspire you so you can realize yours!

Why should you travel?


Why should we be ambitious professionally?


How to integrate other cultures?

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How to succeed professionally?


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Generally speaking, why should we dream big?



Don’t take our word for it – here what our clients say:

“Mikel spent more than a month volunteering […], which exposed him to the Zulu culture and language. […] His ability to embrace our culture and willingness to adapt has allowed him to exert a positive influence on our organization.”

Sandy Cele

Operations Manager-Volunteer & Travel

Durban, South Africa

“Mikel Mangold has the appropriate qualifications to work as a researcher and has excellent intercultural communication […] He has the exceptional talent to facilitate the participation of others and to ensure that those around him work at a higher level of enthusiasm and success. “

Prof. Nuesch

Adjunct Prof. at the EPFL Lausane, head of laboratory of functional materials, federal Laboratories of Material Science and Engineering (EMPA)

Head of laboratory materials Functional, Federal laboratory of Materials and engineering

Dübendorf/Zürich, Switzerland

” Mikel has shared his very good project management and communication skills. […] As a chemistry researcher, I was very happy to meet a student so interested in science, and especially chemistry, with the firm willingness to share his passion. “

Dr. Meresse

Innovation Project Manager-Bayer

Lyon, France

Words from Zürich 🇨🇭 Feeling of the moment. Outlook 2021.

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