#LinkedInTips: My sources of education for social media and online branding (Part 2 of 2)

#LinkedInTips: My sources of education for social media and online branding (Part 2 of 2)


My sources of education for social media and online branding. Here two personalities that inspired me a lot in the past 12 months:

Getting big on LinkedIn, but why? Check out my previous post.


Very important: self-actualization.

Social media is evolving extremely fast and the best way to keep up to speed is to learn almost every day about how others are doing this.

I believe the easiest way to learn about this topic is to listen to a podcast, here are two I found very interesting around social branding.



The Rockstar on social media:

Highly recommended: Gary Vee: How To Make 64 Pieces Of Content In A Day

More:  37 Content Types and Descriptions


For the pharma industry:

Johnson & Johnson: Elevating employee advocacy: A case study, presented by Devon Eyer



Metrics for success (made by myself)

  • Engagement with social media posts (likes, comments, shares, views)
  • The number of people reaching out and asking for a meeting.
  • Number people subscribing to your newsletter or to your trainee; program or anything else you are promoting

Has Gary V says – don’t create, document! Simply share what you do and learn on your daily job. Maximize the impact of your activities with social media.


Check out my previous post

This week I had a zoom chat with an unknown individual from LinkedIn and it felt like we knew each other. Why? because he has already known me well through my intensive use of LinkedIn and directly gave me amazing personalized advice based on my interests.

I asked him at the end of the call; how can I help? He said:

“ Keep posting your videos of the events you are going. They are amazing. “


What is the lesson we can learn here? I film a few shots during a conference, edit them on my phone with the app “Inshot “– write my key takeaways from the event, and post it on LinkedIn and tag the people I met there.

Results? Not only I learn during the event:

  • I memorized what I learned trough sharing and teaching it to others
  • My post gets engagements because I tagged people and ask what the others have learned from the event – they answer in the comments.
  • During my next meeting – it creates a sense of trust and belonging because the customer or colleagues already know me well.
  • You impact more than yourself – and life is about the lives you touch.

On top, as Axel Schultze says, a leader of an organization can even get those benefits:

“Attracting and access to talent without the cost of headhunters “  

Any questions? contact me via email: mikel.mangold@gmail.com

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