Why is the film industry in LA ?

Why is the film industry in LA ?

The second largest city that so many people would like to visit and known to the world for its film industry and known neighborhoods such as Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles is an amazing city with very different neighborhoods.
From Venice Beach to Hollywood Boulevard, your physical image plays an important role. I have never seen so many beauty shops and physical rehabilitation centers. (cryotherapy, sports coach, vitamin injection and more)

But do you know why the film industry moved to Los Angeles?
People, we begin to immigrate because of oil (1889 to 1913). But then ?


The film industry has settled there for 3 reasons:

Reason # 1: Escaping Thomas Edison’s patent (from New York) on film cameras
Reason # 2: The weather
Reason # 3: Cheap Employees (Non-Union Political Party)

Did you know?


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