A long weekend through North California with… Indians !

A long weekend through North California with… Indians !

DSC09690In honour of my friend Ashish who left California this week !


A long weekend through North California – with Indians!

How ?

I met Ashish at an event with Cultural Vista® in June and he contacted me, he said: “ Do you want to go somewhere for the long weekend”

I said: “ Hell yeah, let’s escape and go somewhere in nature”

The day before we wanted to leave, we had no clue of what we wanted to do. We hesitated between several national parks … We wanted to do camping bur everything was booked out.

We finally booked an Airbnb, a friend joined us, he had a car. We looked at the map and looked at where we can go in nature. We simply went there and used the app “all trails” to find where to hike! People we met along the way told us where to go, the city we slept in was finally a “party town”, Chico. The next day, friends joined us to Lassen National Park and we climbed the summit together. It was truly fun to be all together.

The evening we went to another Airbnb during the dark of the night, the place was lost and we made it, no internet there. A total discussion. It was an opportunity to talk, play drinking games and guitar. The next day, we enjoyed the beautiful home in the middle of the tree and took some nice pictures and videos. Then we went back home and had a nice restaurant together.

Why ?

Going on a road trip with people you don’t really know, with a different culture and a different professional background is always a deep and inspiring experience.

I recently read in a book that true happiness is when we experience “the now”. If you have too much expectation from others, a weekend you planned or a project you pursue, you can end up being disappointed and UN-Happy.

This kind of trip was a total discovery and totally leveled up my happiness because nothing was planned, I had no true expectations and the new people I met boosted my energy!

I say thank you to the people I met (Dhruv, Panchal, Ashish Pattanayak, Sampath Reddy, Hemant Kamath, Lyssa Guse, Jolton Dsouza & Pradyumna Thayi) to the landscapes we saw, to the weather we had, to the music we listened and to the world we live in!


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