Time to get a global mindset. Time for accelerated innovation.

Time to get a global mindset. Time for accelerated innovation.


Time to get a global mindset. Time for accelerated innovation.


” I hope you also accept us to be here today because we know 𝘄𝗲 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗱𝗶𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗲𝗻𝘁, I hope we can all be together. Thank you for accepting us and to be part of this. ”

This is what I said, back in 09.2015 when I was volunteering in a former segregation zone of South Africa. I was living for one month in a neighborhood with no white people. The owner didn’t want us to leave the house and asked us to never leave so he will never get problems in case someone wants to kill us on the street. It was the first time in my life I experience what it feels to feel ” I am the minority here “.I can tell you – it is one of the most uncomfortable feelings you can get. 

That day – at the heritage day in South Africa – where they celebrate the Zulu culture with music and dance – it was the first time in their entire life they saw white people in the building. They accepted us – me and my 2 other friends from New Zealand and Germany – smiled, gave us hugs, and took pictures like we were from their family.

South Africa faced segregation and apartheid until the early 1990s. Let’s all realize we are now part of a global world, let’s remove borders from our brain. Let’s end racism forever.

After having traveled to 32 countries and lived for more than 1 month in 7 different countries – I can tell with deep confidence that these experiences have shaped WHO I am, my ambitions, my mentality, and my thinking process. This was – for me – MY education to live in this world.

Volunteering and traveling are what teaches you the soft skills. Use workaway.info to find your next volunteer experience.

On top – I believe this is my essence for my passion for innovation. Having been exposed by dozens of different cultures and crossed the path of people from all backgrounds from investors to designers who worked in total “nomad mode” and traveled the world while doing it, I have realized that nothing is impossible. You only categorized what is possible to what is impossible based on your personal past experiences. Hence, meet more people to be more creative with your own life.

I talked with Lee Towe about having a global perspective and innovation. Interview is below.

” Creativity: The valuable combination of previous unrelated elements “

 He said ” those people who have more elements to combine like you, having been in those different countries, you’ve had to adapt the cultures, you’ve seen different things and that just naturally makes somebody a better innovator. […] When you recognize on a team that it’s great to have people from more views […] It’s also great to have THE one person that has more views because of all the different places that they’ve been. […] And as you’ve seen all those things it’s naturally going to make you, more Innovative and more creative ”


Racism doesn’t do good for anybody. 

Discrimination is everywhere: access to wealth and even access to science:

In the last two decades many groups and/or individuals have been designated with “preferential status”. This in spite of the fact that the percentage of women and minorities in academia and pharmaceutical indutry has greatly increased. It follows that, in a social equilibrium, preferrential treatment of one group leads to disadvantagesfor another. New ideologies have appeared and influenced hiring practices, promotion, funding, and recognition of certain groups. –Tomáš Hudlický

We discriminate – again and again – despite we know diversity leaders to innovation and increased revenues (figure below) 











” The evidence is clear: companies that take the initiative and actively increase the diversity of their management teams—across all dimensions of diversity and with the right enabling factors in place—perform better. These companies find unconventional solutions to problems and generate more and better ideas, with a greater likelihood that some of them will become winning products and services in the market. As a result, they outperform their peers financially.” – BCG Study 

All individuals can see that diverse teams have better results but I also believe that if a single individual is exposed to many different environments in different part of the world – this surely correlates with increased innovation. Only Lee Towe supported this 😉 

To sum things up:

LET’s STOP RACISM – Let’s embrace DIVERSITY – Let’s encourage people to have global experiences – Let’s accelerate INNOVATION






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