ROCKING THE BOAT BUT KEEPING IT STEADY: The importance of a well-balanced mind and body connection

ROCKING THE BOAT BUT KEEPING IT STEADY: The importance of a well-balanced mind and body connection


ROCKING THE BOAT BUT KEEPING IT STEADY: The importance of a well-balanced mind and body connection


1. Make it a priority.

From homeless to CEOs, being active is a matter of choice, it is a matter of priority. For me, being active started from my father who was doing sport every single day of his life; he started his day with a runplaying tennis in the afternoon and sometimes playing a basketball game on the same day! During my entire childhood, my parents put me, my brother and my sister and thousands of activities: judo, tennis, ruddy, basketball – all the week was booked! This habit I started when I was 6 years old stayed in my life today. I am addictedI need my workoutI need to move, to need to evacuate all the bad emotions we accumulate during the day. Nobody is protected from them.

2. Make it a habit – stick to it – be addicted to sport – persistence is key

3. Change your environment and surround yourself with people doing it.

 Apps I used for my daily workouts:

  • Peloton® for cycling, core workout, arm workouts, yoga and running.
  • Men’s health® for my gym workouts
  • ClassPass® for my live and divers classes I take in San Francisco.
  • Whenever I am traveling, running and classes happening around – no excuses.
  • For instance, this week end I took a class in Ocean Beach with a teached collaborating with the hostel I was in. I felt the enormous peace and clarity that comes when you quiet the mind and focus on the breath. We were led in a deep meditation using the sound of the ocean waves. I love this loving kindness metta meditation we did to close out class “may I be healthy. May I be happy. May I be at peace with all living things.”

What to do for my mind: 

  • Meditation with the app Calm ®
  • Talking to a therapist on Talkspace ®
  • Improving my knowledge in spirituality listening to health podcasts – Jay Shetty, for instance.

What I do for my sleep: 

  • Trying to stop screen at 10 pm – but I am bad at these rules ; trying to improve.
  • Trying to use blue blocker glasses after 6 pm.
  • Not touching my phone before 1 hour before sleep and 1 hour after waking up; only using it for music.


We live such hectic lives. Sometimes it can feel like there’s no time to take out of our busy days to center ourselves and just listen to our breath. Most of us forget to take for the body and mind. Sleep, spirituality, and sports have to be on the top of your priority list. Why? Because otherwise, you will have thousands of high and low in your life and you can collapse.

“ The is no energy; there is no life ” – Tony Robins


Tony Robbins clearly explains that to achieve mastery in Emotions and Meaning; Relationships, Time, Career & Mission, Finances, Contribution and spirituality, it starts with your HEALTH and physical body.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga gives us the time and space to truly center ourselves and our thoughts so we can be the best versions of ourselves. It creates such a loving and kind energy for us to practice within.

Lauren @spanglish_yogi

Benefits of working out in the morning

Release of the following hormones: Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor, Insulin-like Growth Factor, Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Epinephrine and Norepinephrine,

Cortisol, Glucagon, Insulin

Benefits of sleep: 

 M.D Cheri Mah – Standford Sleep Researcher – said that 10 hours of sleep helped basketball professionals to improved their free throw percentage by 9%, 3 points by 9.2 %. It helps to think, performed and recover better and thousands more research available online. 

Let’s live a healthy and balanced life

Mikel Mangold – Dream Big & Impact, But how ?

What, How, Why do I do what I do ?!






Men’s Health Magazine November 2019 

My Yoga teacher of this weekend: Lauren insta @spanglish_yogi

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