When I was 15 years old; I said to myself:

1. Why am I here? 

Ever since that day, I’ve been asking myself this question. With a second question: 

2. What can be done today, and which will be more difficult / impossible later? 

My daily choices are based on the answers to these two questions. My goal is to get out of the mass!


So I don’t want to work, sleep to sleep and eat to eat. Each of my actions is a non-automated personal choice that allows me to contribute to my way something to this beautiful world in which we live. 


 If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door “

The thing every human beings has in common on this planet is time. We all have 24h in a day and 7 days in a week ! Why do some people accomplish their goals and dreams and other continue to live someone’s life ?

So many people always give up their dreams because they are impossible or too big, I decided to share WHAT I do, HOW I do and WHY I do some of my activities. 

Yes, I encourage the world to take control of their own destiny, because  ” impossible, is just an opinion ” – Paulo Coelho

We enter the air of the DATAISME. A time when every computer information you generate will bring you social notoriety. Whether you want it or us, this is the sad reality. After many conferences, travels, my studies, and my professional experiences, I decided to help companies and individuals to innovate purposefully to make this world a better place to live in.

My moonshots:

 Embracing change and helping the right disruption to flourish:

1. Innovation & Strategy: Every company fears being disrupted by small ones. I will help companies and individuals to establish exponential strategies while detecting trends, and finding the services and products that will transform society.

2. Communication & Branding: it is THE skill of the 21st century. I will help companies and individuals to communicate better through the use of dynamic & engaging content in order to share it internationally and externally. To enhance collaboration and partnerships.

3. Mindset:  Today, too many employees are focused on their corporate agenda and have completely lost their sense of their own identity. I believe everything is about the mindset: finding opportunities in difficulties, learning more (growth mindset); humility, and accepting we don’t know everything. People have to regain their own purpose and self-awareness to lead the next generation of entrepreneurs.




Who am I?

My LinkedIn

▶️ Strategic
As a strategic thinker, I have the ability to look beyond the horizon, analyze the data to reveal scientific and digital innovative trends, solutions, and opportunities for the next 3-5 years in the Health Care Industry.
▶️ Woo – Connecting with people
This talent enables me to connect and partnership with all levels of management, customers, key stakeholders to build collaborative communities for innovative ecosystems. Furthermore, it helps me to unite diverse groups to tasks to common tasks and strategies.
▶️ Positivity
I am sociable, friendly, have a positive mindset, and foster a true sense of one team spirit. Driven by this talent, I make people feel valued by listening carefully to what they say, energize them to believe in their strengths, inspire, mentor and coach them to feel fulfilled and to become professionally.
▶️ Arranger
This talent gives me the agility to turn a crisis into opportunities. As an arranger, I have the capability to bring diverse talents with specific knowledge and expertise to the same table and work hand in hand for the same goal with maximum productivity.
▶️ Learner
Driven by curiosity I acquire knowledge, deepen my skills in innovation, digitalization, and science in the area of Health Care Industry. I believe in the power of sharing the knowledge which is the foundation of open innovation to accelerate discoveries.