18 Advice To Graduates – From Successful World’s Leaders (Investor, Consulting, Pharma)

18 Advice To Graduates – From Successful World’s Leaders (Investor, Consulting, Pharma)


Career advices – from senior and successful world leaders (Investor, Consulting, Pharma)


Ray Dalio

  1. “Realize you know virtually nothing about what is like … so need to discover what is like and how to be great at it
  2. Be humble and maximize your learnings, ideally working in an apprentice relationship with a great / boss mentor and a great community.
  3. Experience a lot to explore what different paths in life are like and learn from trial and error.
  4. Pick your culture well. Make sure you always have the right to make sense of things.
  5. Be open-minded and assertive at the same time and learn how to struggle and fail well.
  6. Realize that meaningful work and meaningful relationships will fulfill you and help you to be more successful.
  7. Remember that pain + reflection = progress so that your failures will give you germs/improvements if you diagnose them well.
  8. Be radically truthful and transparent so that you triangulate with others and build better relationships.
  9. Refer to principles when you encounter issues to find the appropriate principle to consider how to handle your situation. Collect and refer to great principles from people who have been successful and start to write your own principles.
  10. Make the most of your adventures, publish       

Vas Narasimhan

  1. Focus a lot on how you lead people; too much focus on technical expertise. What makes a real difference? How you lead people and yourself.

2. Don’t understand the importance of getting multidisciplinary exposure. Lots of people are afraid of making the jump. With a diversity of experiences; it makes you more comfortable to make the right decision.

Mai-Britt Poulsen

  1. Follow your passion – best and most effective fuel
  2. Never stop learning – learning to be adaptive to change and keep advanced. If you can try different jobs, roles, and different functional areas in the first chapter of your career. Which is at least the first 5 years of your career. Do it to know what you are good at and passionate about.
  3. Be curious – it will bring you to new places and will open you to new opportunities.
  4. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Rather learn from your mistake. You learn the most out of your comfort zone
  5. Invest in personal relationships with your peers and colleagues. Relationships are fundamental to deliver results. In fact; having the best facts and ideas will not bring you far in the organization if you don’t have the trust in the organization to convince people to try your ideas.
  6. Find a life partner who supports your passion.


Making career choices is extremely difficult due to the intense change every industry is facing.

As I am also looking for a career transition; I did the research for my career and though it is worth sharing. In fact, what leaders recommended 10 years ago is completely different today. This is why is worth taking a look at what top leaders are saying and not only listening to what your neighbors, friends or parent are saying. Often, they give a recommendation based on their own experience and has nothing to do with you, agree?

This is what I collected


Apply their advices 🙂 and ask questions around you! 





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