4 days of hiking in the French Alps (2017)

Coming from Mulhouse (Mikel) and Montpellier (Antoine) We meet in Grenoble to do some errands before making a tour to the tourist office of D'oisans.

https://vimeo.com/259816227 The long version: https://vimeo.com/259021830 We both made our bags the day before, and have no idea where we want to go, just a common envy: enjoy nature and cut off from the world for a few Days. Information taken, we decide to start the ascent at 7:30 pm to the feeling in order to be able already bivouac in the wilderness. Unfortunately, impossible to plant the tent before arriving at the Lake of the Muzelle (2100 m), we finish the last two hours at the headlamp in the most total darkness. The next day, we realize that we made 1200 meters of difference in 3 hours-_-! Initially left to make a stretch of the GR54, we then cross two groups that make a loop of 3 days and decide to stall us on their itinerary, allowing us to find our starting point on foot. The backpacks, hated because they are very heavy, become appreciated, allowing us to make wonderful little meals: avocado-banana sandwich, ham-pepper sandwich, hot tea and coffee every morning! Just happiness! After a descent to the village of Valsenestre (1295 m), we bivouac just before reaching the Col de la Roméïou (2439 m). A small detour by the "Puny" (2644 m) warms us up in the morning, and we link to the Perier breccia (2491 m) to stop below the lake of Plan-Vianney. Only for 2 days, we finally go to Lake Lauvitel and return to D'arud (942 m).

Finally a hike of a little less than 3 days at the same time physically and psychologically soothing, with 3411 meters of positive difference, 3550 meters of negative difference, bags far too loaded because prepared to the snatch by greedy (+ Matos Photo:p), as well as the nocturnal temperatures surrounding the 8 °c!

Luck smiled at us: we avoided the rain that threatened us and were able to enjoy 3 beautiful starry nights!

Our best photos

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The places where we slept

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Our food (an overview)


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Hiking Trail:

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