2016: Indonesia and Singapore (1 month backpacking)


Java island


Jakarta (capital, 10 million inhabitants) in 5 words and 5 photos: dense, lively, chaotic but welcoming and strongly contrasted.


Yogyakarta in 5 words and 5 photos: historical, polytheist, known, cultural and picturesque



Malang (and Mt. Bromo

Bromo Tengger semero National Park (and surrounding area) in 5 photos and 5 words: volcanic, desert, dazzling, agricultural and cloudy 🙄




Night Trek 3h-7h in the rain in the cold with gas masks, done! Result: observations of blue flames due to sulphide fumes from the world's largest acidic Lake (H2SO4 PH = 0.5) in the heart of the active volcano "Ijen". Awesome!!!





The North of Bali (Munduk) in 5 words and 5 photos: jungle, waterfall, fog, rural, mystical



The center of Bali (Ubud) in 5 words and 5 photos: traditional, terraces, agriculture, rustic and exotic



The South of Bali in 5 words and 5 photos Beach, party, surfing, touristy and armored


The Gillis Islands (and especially Trawangan)

Gili island in 5 words and 5 photos: Sun, aquatic, non-motorized, party and too masculine ^^




Mount Rinjani

Our 3-day Trek/55 km 💪 on Lombok (Mt Rinjani) in 5 words and 5 photos






After eating 300 kilos of rice, we realize that the journey is at an end. 😒 every day has brought its share of smiles and memories across Indonesia, despite the tourist attrstages and the omnipresence of waste. Meeting the locals, their cultures and their lifestyles was an inspiring but sometimes destabilizing discovery. In a safe atmosphere, losing our habits and getting out of our comfort zone was a pleasure. This trip was exhausting but our spirit is invigorated, and we could only encourage everyone to do the same!

Our planet is full of beautiful places and we just have to discover them! * This trip cost us<2000€ en l’organisant à l’arrache ! en="" l’organisant="" à="" l’arrache=""></2000€ en l’organisant à l’arrache !>