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Hi, I'm Mikel!

I am an Innovation PM at Venture Lab; ecosystem orchestrator and author.

Chemist by training, entrepreneurial in nature, with international experience in open innovation: digital health, pharma, energy, cleantech & mobility. Recognized expertise in bringing eclectic stakeholders and enabling constructive collaboration to a shared outcome. Previously worked for Bayer G4A (Digital Health Start-Up Accelerator) and the Bayer CoLaborator (Biotech Start-Up Incubator) in San Francisco.

Published Author of Today’s Superpower: Building Networks and Co-Author of the academic paper: What Corporates Can Do to Help an Innovation Ecosystem Thrive — and Why They Should Do It


TITLE: Today's Superpower - Building Networks: 7 Mindset Principles to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World
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TITLE: What Corporates Can Do to Help an Innovation Ecosystem Thrive – and Why They Should Do It
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My mission is to create positive change through networks.

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Mikel Mangold

Today’s Superpower –

Building Networks

7 Mindsets Principles to Thrive in a Fast-Changing World

In this book, you’ll learn about the mindset and principles to adopt to form networks. You’ll hear stories such as…

  • How Naveen Jain, a billionaire I met in the Silicon Valley created his own network and success by being bold, challenging the status quo, and adopting a moonshot mindset
  • How Gregg Stuar, a UK-based corporate innovator, failed at first and how he pivoted to succeed at launching a new business for his company using the power of networks (bringing a lot of people in to shape the idea).
  • My own stories and the experiences I had in Silicon Valley. There I discovered what they are doing that the rest of the world is not doing. They succeed as a network; they work “for Silicon Valley” and not for their own company.
  • How a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist (VC), who mentored me in 2020, build relationships. In the book, I’ll share the core principle she uses everyday to create business outcomes.

What others say about the book

Charlene Li
Charlene Li
Chief Research Officer, PA Consulting and NY Times Bestselling author of The Disruption Mindset.
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"In Today's Superpower: Building Networks, Mikel Mangold reminds us that while processes, tools, or education are the spine of individuals and organizations, mindset is its soul. Read this book to learn how to develop the mindset that can make anything happen."
Keith Ferrazzi
Keith Ferrazzi
NY Times #1 Best Selling Author & Founder/Chairman of Ferrazzi Greenlight
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"Mangold is breaking new ground in defining what innovation can mean in the fast-changing business world. He shows that openness, co-creation, and boldness can serve as the connective network binding us to create positive change in the world."
Susan Windham-Bannister
Susan Windham-Bannister
Business leader and world-renowned expert in open innovation and innovation ecosystem. 2013 Most influential women in biotech, former CEO a one-billion-dollar investment fund for Life Science.
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“Mikel Mangold’s book helps us look with fresh eyes at the complex – but critically important – process of building business ecosystems. I have long felt that we need to ‘innovate how we think about innovation.’ Mikel’s wildly entertaining book does just that. It, sheds new light, debunks myths of success stories, and challenges long-held beliefs regarding process, rules, and structures. His book will leave you with a powerful new perspective on the opportunities we have in our fast-changing world and our potential to thrive.”
Frank Kumli
Frank Kumli
Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Member of the Management Board, Basel Area Business & Innovation
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“Today's Superpower: Building Networks is an extremely timely book by Mikel Mangold. We are in the midst of a transformation of our society. In today’s interconnected world, networks will be the enablers of this transformation and those focusing on generosity and collaboration will drive positive societal change.“
Ian Hathaway
Ian Hathaway
Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor, and Author, Expert in Startup, Technlolgy, and Venture Capital. SVP Capital of Techstars
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“Today's Superpower: Building Networks is a must-read for anyone attempting positive change. Mikel Mangold's seven mindset principles are useful for thriving in the startup era.”
Greg Satell
Greg Satell
Global Transformation & Change Expert, Author of ”Cascades“ & ”Mapping Innovation“, Contributor: Harvard Business Review
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“ Today's Superpower: Building Networks is the must-read guidebook for anyone willing to generate change through the power of ecosystems and networks. Through interviews, personal stories, and research Mikel Mangold shares how important it is to start with small groups loosely connected and united by a shared purpose, an essential principle to thrive during the decade of exponential change ahead.“

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