In General, why do we have to have a VISION ?


Why do we need a vision?

You need to understand that our entire world is made up of fictional stories: Religion, countries, companies, money. Why humans have the ability to create and believe in these fictional stories. Because we believe in it, we can collaborate in large numbers and this created the global village we live today with so many different cultural backgrounds.

You need to understand that we; humans, emotional creature, love stories. 

When we have ourselves in the meaning of life, is because we need our lives to be a story, with a start and an end. The truth is we could give up all the fictional stories and you could observe reality more than ever before and you would discover the truth about yourself and the world. But this is extremely difficult to do. The only way to face reality is suffering. Fiction with an ideal story removes your suffering. This is why many us fall into believing in these stories.

The mind doesn’t know the difference between fiction and reality. Close your eyes, imagine someone is coming behind you a knife ? What’s your feeling? You are scared, but it knows it wasn’t unreal.

Why to do you find Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram use the word “story”?


While experiences you live today make you happy NOW, a vision will make you happy on the long long run.

You need a vision if want to contribute at a large scale to this world if you want to be the creator of something new. If you’re leader, you want people to follow you for a cause, for a purpose for launching a new product or company, you need a vision cause people will join you because they believe in your region.


Example of a project:

  • You give yourself 5 years to write a book about changing the model of education. You know you have to start meeting people and going to conferences to gather the idea of your book
  • Removing nationalism in my country. I could think about making this happen through a foundation or a completely new political movement. With you can I work to create the foundation ? Where should I go to meet this people ?
  • Or if you give yourself 1 year to be self confident. You need to give yourself a shedule: the first month, you read a book, second month, you go to the gym, the third month you  will attend a seminar about self-confidence and in 8 month, you will realise your first talk in front of hundreds of people, fully self-confident.


I strongly believe that humans are not made to survive, humans are on planet earth to thrive.


You don’t need a vision if

  • If you want to be a robot
    You want to consume and enjoying life day by day. But is it not frustrating if nobody knows why you lived on this earth?
  • If you believe in destiny and luck
    If your OK being a parasite of the society

You need a vision if:

  • You want to change the world
  • You want to change something big in our society
  • If you want to CONTRIBUTE and CREATE
  • If you want to COLLABORATE with other people to reach your goal faster
  • If you want to be happy in the long term
  • If you want to understand why you do what you do NOW
  • If you want to wake up EXCITED an entire year, have MOTIVATION