The beauty of science in society today – and why you should care.

The beauty of science in society today – and why you should care.


The beauty of Science in society today – and why you should care.

I am writing the book “Dream Big and Impact – but how?”. In this book, I will dedicate an entire part of science and technology.

For the inspiration and the support of my ideas, I decided to interview 10 scientists and learn from their experiences. How and why you should care about science 👇👇👇👇







How can you improve your interest in science? Or how can you motivate your kids to pursue science?

The secret is not to expose them to science – but to train their mind / your mind to ask the right questions.

Why is the water so clear? Because we purify it with porous minerals”

Why is our grandfather going to the hospital? Because he gets drug to change how the fluid is working in the body – affecting cells and proteins.”

Why do I pee yellow and sometimes transparent?”

Because you remove the toxins of your body that your body won’t want to have.

Why do we put gasoline in the car?” Because we can’t put water; the liquid as to explode. Water can’t explode under compressions, so we have to find another fluid.

Why is there global warming “ Because we produce more energy than the world can handle.

Why do everyone buy hand sanitizers? Because the liquid destroys the composition of the Virus. And we don’t get the coronavirus 😉 “

Following www.compoundchem.com is a great start to be scientifically inspired.







Science can solve almost every problem on earth. Some recent exciting research which will transform our lives. Some examples:

  • Curing Blindness using CRISPR-Technology
  • Hacking your body using the reprogrammation of the cells: curing cancer or to remove inflammation (stem cells therapies)
  • Harvesting energy from the oceans with polymers
  • Making your shoes from the plastics in the oceans.
  • Using fuels from algae instead of oil.
  • Using batteries with aluminum instead of cobalt.
  • Etc…

When we think about a scientist, we think about someone in the lab – like a prison. However, in some cases, science can lead to freedom.

Studying one topic can learn to many industries. For instance, artificial muscle (a polymer made of silicon), can lead to tons of applications; from medicine with heart valves to entertainment with gloves we use for VR games. Therefore, you are never stuck in one particular industry. You could potentially change every 5 years and focus on different topics. Plus; with a scientific background, you can do any other job in society such as being president (Angela Merkel) or a businessman; investor, communicator.

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