My second volunteering-South Africa-2015


🇬🇧(2015) I had the ultimate opportunity to volunteer with @volunteertravel. Having met children who did not own anything, it taught me to become more gratifying in the life I led. I was the only white among black people and I lived in an old area of racial segregation. this community gave me a lot of love and it is through these experiences that I became open to the world. It should be noted that companies favor people who have volunteered! And you, when do you take time to volunteer?

I stayed for three weeks as a volunteer (Workaway) I hope I have brought them a lot. In this video I put in front of this relationship so “fun” that I had with these children. If there are people who made me happy on this trip, these children are part of it!

Another video of my experience at “Gozololo” in Durban (South Africa): “Heritage Day”, in other words, the day of inheritance. A day when all the South African tribes celebrate their cultures by dancing, singing and dressing with their traditional costumes. In this video, you will see what the “Zulus” are doing for this day. 

here is an improvised interview I had made for the child Centre “Gozololo Centre for Children”. I helped this center for three weeks and here is my reflection after more than two months in South Africa. You can also see that leaving Voyager alone for 4 months is the best English course in the world. Feel free to comment!

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