The mindset to survive Corona

The mindset to survive Corona


The mindset to survive corona


How can you turn a mindset of scarcity and fear into a mindset of abundance?

Read self-development books – Originals   or design your life or Drive by Daniel Pink.

  • Join a self-growth community such as DBI and listen to webinars such as
  1. Saying yes “ /
  2. “beyond yes” to keep the positivity going.

Mindset 1: I AM POSSIBLE

In general, remove the word impossible from your mouth. Replace it by I am IM – POSSIBLE.

Ask yourself; what drives you? What are you passionate about? If you find your PURPOSE in life – nothing will stop you.


Nothing is impossible – what’s possible is only based on your personal experiences Mindset 2: Thi

Mindset 2: Life is about service 

Try to help the people around you – how can you be the next servant leader? Life is about the lives you touch. It’s about Serving. 

Mindset 3: Think the law of resonance 









Be the person you want to attract. Smile if you want to attract positive people. This is called the law of resonance.


According to a Delloite study; only 13% of the US workforce is passionate and engaged. 1

According to a study: Demotivation can negatively influence the learner’s attitudes and behaviors, degrade classroom group dynamics and teacher’s motivation, and result in long-term and widespread negative learning outcomes. 2

Psychologists describe purpose as the pathway to happiness. Scientists point to it as essential to brain health and well-being.  Last but not least, business experts make the case that purpose is key to exceptional productivity and organizational credibility. 3

If you are fearful – you can’t create

With the coronavirus – the amygdala is constantly on red alert and put us on the constant mode of being unsafe. This is dangerous.

-> Adopt that mindset of abundance. See a world full of opportunities; think beyond yourself – who do you want to make proud of you? Attract the right people.

Your life will say thank you. And society as well. 


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