#LinkedInTips: How to go big on LinkedIn, and why? (Part 1)

#LinkedInTips: How to go big on LinkedIn, and why? (Part 1)

#LinkedInTips: How to go big on LinkedIn, and why? (Part 1)


How to go big on LinkedIn, and why?


I’ve personally grown from 380 followers in 04.2019 to > 2040 followers as of 04.2020. I made LinkedIn my social platform number one to focus and spend time on. What did I do:

I’ve been posting something from Monday to Friday 90% of the time for 12 months. At the beginning I didn’t get more than 10 likes. Now I get every week at least one post over 50 likes.

One post got viral > 60 000 views

One post got attention > 130 likes & over 50 comments with > 9000 views.

One LinkedIn article got: > 40 likes & > 45 comments

         Rule n*1: Quantity over quality
If you put out more quantity of content, it can help you find what “quality” truly is based on data and feedback.

         Rule n*2: Document what’s you’re doing. Don’t create .   

         Rule n*3: Don’t overthink

If you see perfection – you’ll never post. Schedule 20 min to write a post and post. Your post will disappear in one week probably. It’s not worth your time to overthink.

         Rule n*4: Does it add value to the audience?.   

One mistake too many individuals do is to only talk about them and their own business You post can get viral on LinkedIn – but only if people comment and share. This happens when you educate your audience and share or comment on other’s pieces of work.

        Rule n*5: Include other people in your post and tag them. 

The secret of LinkedIn is to create engagement. The most efficient strategy to create this  -at least for me – was when I highlighted the lessons learned from someone else’s event or webinar. Posting a group picture form the people you met or even your own team always get traction on social media.

       Rule N*6: Engage with others

Simple: people engage with your post when you engage with their posts.

       Rule N*7: Use theses apps to simplify your life

Buffer, Adobe Spark, Inshot, Zubtile, Fiverr

Buffer Publish Review | PCMagAdobe Spark - Wikipedia Pour mes nouvelles couvertures, j'ai testé Fiverr – Maude Perrier ...

InShot Editor 1.647.280 pour Android - Télécharger.     Zubtitle Traffic Stats



Before debating the production cost of the Media, you would like to share. I invite you to brainstorm the benefits you can get from social media, e.g. on LinkedIn. Why do you want to use it?! I personally benefited massively from it; but this is what others say:

I asked around in the communities I am involved with why is online presence a must

-> From community builder of Quantum Network – A disruptive leadership community, she said:

“Being online is the best way to attract new community members / followers to spread the word about whatever you’re passionate about. After a lot of resistance, I am accepting the fact that social presence is necessary to move a movement forward this day in age.


“Important to move a movement forward “


-> From a member of the Abundance Digital community of Peter Diamandis:

  • Sense of connection to my people
  • Attracting partners and clients
  • Credibility: many times, in my work I outreach cold to potential clients and if other partners see my content and they share my values, once we get on a Zoom call – there is massive trust and bonding, so it can really speed up business and expansion

“Creating a massive sense of trust and bonding which speed up your business “

Part 2 coming next week: Any questions? contact me via email: mikel.mangold@gmail.com

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