How can you be determined, find your courage and persevere by finding your identity?

Article-How to be determined, find his courage and persevere by finding his identity? The story of Florian Fluhr and Mikel Mangold. To mark the kickoff of the 100 last days before the baccalaureate, Lycée Saint-André de Colmar contacted the association, recently created, positive IMPACT in order to motivate its young students to "find their way". Not the way their parents or friends would wish for them but their inner path, their own choice path based on their passion. (Their point G, the great point of life) On the program, a morning full of emotions, shares and individual exercises. Florian and Mikel, the two creators of the association, are passionate about personal development and challenges. Constantly in the quest to bring value and help students, they each in turn share their experiences and challenges through a condensed morning.

Florian FLUHR:

  • A tour of Europe by bike not like the others!
    • How to meet new challenges and set ambitious goals?
    • How to get daily energy in discomfort?
    • How to ensure a preparation for the challenge of climbing the mount and persevere in the face of difficulties?

In a musical immersion, students had to answer one of the existential questions of life

  • What is your definition of an extraordinary life?

Several people went on the stage and shared their definition of a dream life. Music break and energetic = > Find a dozen partners and make a "high five", a gesture of victory, encouragement or congratulation.


  • An International school curriculum
    • How to combine cultural travel and studies?
    • Find its "Why" (do not become only consumers, but actors: add value to our world)
    • Be curious, take risks and let your transport through experiences that make you grow (all innovations come from a project both unique and "impossible")

To help them find their professional careers, a visualization job (using the Law of Attraction) has been used:

  • Or would you like to be in five years?

Several students are once again on stage to share a number of positive values, including personal success, while providing a contribution around oneself, the ultimate key to personal development. Essential values for our eyes were therefore put forward during this morning:

determination, daring, courage, openness, self-transcendence, perseverance and selflessness.