The Importance Of Getting Lost

The Importance Of Getting Lost


The importance of getting lost.

When I arrived in the US in April 2019, I had the chance to have two incredible mentors: Rama and Dirk. Rama taught me two necessary skills:

“Be comfortable with what is uncomfortable “

“Be able to handle ambiguity”


Live is so much bigger than your front door, it’s is more than a yearly review, a commute, a test, a routine. It is the place you have never been, the people you have never met, the dreams you haven’t sought out. But this requires getting lost and going out of your comfort zone.

There are tons of opportunities of there to go into a completely new environment. My favorite example to get lost:


Example1: getting lost in Africa – 4 months of solo travel meeting the entire world (2015 – I was 22)

Example2: getting lost in the middle of the French Alpes with a friend for 4 days with no network – only water and some food. (2017 – I was 24)

You wake up in the morning, you have no idea what your day will look like. Your mind get trained for uncertainty.

We fear what we don’t know but if you don’t allow yourself to get lost – you have to be okay a part of you will never be … found.  That something I can’t live with.

4 ways I used in other to make my traveling experiences a reality:


Why is being lost so important.?

It’s important because you leave the thing you know behind. For a few short minutes, your subconscious understands that life exists, beyond the hamster wheel. You learn to accept the serendipity of life. You gain confidence, you discover who you are.

In general – if there is one thing you can be certain today – is that we all have an uncertain future. You can’t predict if your job will be here in 5 years, you can predict the weather, you can’t predict the people who will meet, the person who you will fall in love with and the career you will have. The secret for reducing anxiety. Accepting uncertainty. I would even say: Embracing it. Do you want to be successful in life? You have to train your mind, body, and spirit to get lost.

As Scott Belsky said at a conference 2 weeks ago in the Silicon Valley.

“Gain confidence from doubt”


In the corporate world, we even talk about VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). These are skills corporations require from you.

To sum up; be ready to face uncertainty. My favorite method to train the mind for that to get lost is to go to unknown destinations: traveling. 

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