An Interview with a billionaire !

An Interview with a billionaire !

What: An interview with a billionaire!



I was invited to a conference in the silicon Valley where he was invited as well! I was reading and listening to all his podcasts and articles he wrote – I knew lot about him. Right away when I saw him; I said hello and we chatted him and his technology. When he gave his talk; in the endI asked questions in front of everyone else. After the talk; I asked him if I can interview him later. He said yes! I almost waited for the entire day and asked him again when the conference was almost finished; he sais “Ok, let’s do it outside. The key here to get my interview is to be persistent, making a good impression and not hesitating to ask many times. Busy people like when we insist!





Asking questions to famous entrepreneurs is very valuable for yourself – it can leverage your own brand and maybe, if he likes you, he could recommend you to one of his colleagues. These guys have a huge network; you should never underestimate the power of networking. When I saw him in this intimate setting of fewer than 200 people; I said to myself ” I have to do this, there is no other way; jump in this opportunity!“A few days later I posted on LinkedIn and got great engagement. Your online brand has never been so important than nowadays; big corporation lack of people being famous online. You can differentiate yourself by doing it! All my colleagues admire my work on LinkedIn and are so impressed with it! I even gave recommendations to a Physician during 1h hour recently; he booked me a meeting, so I can explain to the physician how social media are working! 

Who is Naveen Jain (Youtube Video 1 Million Views)


His book:


Who is the person you are dreaming to interview? 





Text from my post on LinkedIN:

🌟Disrupting an industry, such as #healthcare, but how? 🌟

Advice from Naveen Jain, the CEO of Viome (recently named in the CB Insight Digital Health 150, List of Most Innovative Digital #Health Startups).

I was lucky to interview the energetic, inspiring, famous and world-changing serial #entrepreneur. I used this opportunity to ask him the following questions:

❓” Naveen, how can we think big, think moonshot and disrupt an industry, such as Healthcare ?”

❓” Naveen, lots of #startups fail in preventive health because of most of healthcare costs are in the 65+ population; how can they become successful?

His answers are in the video ! Please comment what you have learned from the interview 😉 My question to you: Do you agree with his statement ?! What are you doing and successful at?

The conference I met him! 


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What, How, Why do I do what I do ?!



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