BLOG: When you don’t know – Ask for help!

BLOG: When you don’t know – Ask for help!

When you don’t know – Ask for help!


When you don’t know – Ask for help


Being stressed out about a specific situation is ok – and that’s human. The easiest thing to do is to accept our own vulnerability and needing help, it totally OK. How? – E.g. pick someone you met recently so you don’t overthink about if it is going to affect your “brand”.

Ask them if they had the same problem as you and ask them what they did do about it. This is what I did with Patty; I was lost because I didn’t get my job and was stressed out about my next position. First, Patty says I was good at marketing myself so she asked me if I can give her some idea to market her startup in order to find a co-founder. After I provided her some ideas to promote her startup, she wanted to help me as well and said, “Should we do a zoom call to talk about your career”? Of course, I accepted, and I realized I got incredible feedback from her which I used later on. By the way, I am asking people around me all the time to make an average of their advice and not only listening to one person.


Most of the time, we have no idea about the opportunities that are surrounding us. As young individuals, why not discovering possibilities by asking senior individuals’ with 35+ years of experience. They have so much wisdom, let’s use it! As a chemist, I knew I had opportunities outside the lab, but I had no clue about 80% I had access to.

For instance, once you secure a master’s degree in any scientific field, you can be the following:

  • Product Manager for a scientific firm
  • Specializing in regulations and becoming a lawyer for medical devices / Patent specialists.
  • Business Development Manager (Market Research, Intelligence or Sales)
  • Innovation Manager
  • Agile Implementation Analyst at a management consulting firm
  • An activation specialist for scientific incubators
  • Creating your own startup
  • Alliances Manager for a big corporation: brining new partnerships to the company
  • Venture analyst for a VC Firm
  • And more….

There are so many incredible options out there – so ask people around you where you can go. Ask many; having one opinion is always bad.

But keep in mind: very often, they know more than you 😉

Mikel Mangold – Dream Big & Impact, But how?

What, How, Why do I do what I do ?! 11.2019

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